SFPD: Gatekeepers for Gentrification

So far, not ONE Witness corroborates San Francisco police accounts in the murder/execution of a homeless Latino man. And to show even more disrespect, they haven’t properly identified the victim yet, who was known to some as Jose and to others, Luis…

This killing is clearly the result of hypergentrification of the Mission District. Do not forget that the SFPD are nothing but shock troop partners for the real estate brokers who devalue human life at that same time they inflate property values.

Sadly, there is no place in San Francisco for the working poor, the disabled, immigrants, artists, or anyone else with an annual income of less than six figures… The City has become nothing more that a giant gated community for the rich…

What Are You Going to Do Then?

In the end, when the land, water and atmosphere are irrevocably irradiated and poisoned, when all life on Earth is about to become extinct, when your every movement and behavior is being watched and documented, when dissent or any attempts at protest are ruthlessly crushed and the participants are imprisoned and summarily executed, when all hope and dreams for your descendant’s future well-being are shattered beyond recognition, when you yourself are only seconds away from certain death that is perpetrated by a tiny band of psychopathic parasites whose greed and lust for power know no bounds,


There will be no sci-fi expeditions to different worlds in space, there will be no downloading your consciousness to AI, there will be no more possibilities for life to exist.

Are you going to stand there with your finger up your ass with crocodile tears running down your face as all that you once took for granted is completely destroyed?

What the fuck are you going to do then?

Sadly, based upon past experience, you will, in all probability, do nothing and surrender to the eternal blackness of death…

You have ignored the prophets of gloom and doom at your peril and you will have no one to blame but yourself, for being so egocentrically blind, so incorrigibly stubborn, so empathically devoid of feeling for your fellow beings that you could ignore every warning sign, large and small, as you’d rather be a spectator in making the decisions that affect your life and give up any chance for changing the future.

You can hate me and ignore my words, you can ridicule and marginalize me, arrest, torture, then murder me to silence my attempts to wake you up, but I will know in my heart and spirit that I did all I could do to change your mind and that effort alone will be enough to carry me what lies beyond… Maybe it will different in the bleakness of infinity… But I will be at peace.

The Five Greatest Slave Rebellions In US History


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One of the most pernicious allegations made against the African-American people was that our slave ancestors were either exceptionally “docile” or “content and loyal,” thus explaining their purported failure to rebel extensively

So, did African-American slaves rebel? Of course they did. These are considered the five greatest slave rebellions in the United States.

1. Stono Rebellion, 1739. The Stono Rebellion was the largest slave revolt ever staged in the 13 colonies. On Sunday, Sept. 9, 1739, a day free of labor, about 20 slaves under the leadership of a man named Jemmy provided whites with a painful lesson on the African desire for liberty. Many members of the group were seasoned soldiers, either from the Yamasee War or from their experience in their homes in Angola, where they were captured and sold, and had been trained in the use of weapons.

They gathered at the Stono River and…

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Spared Change

I am very proud of the militant crowd that showed up to protest the brutal police murder of Freddie Gray and at the same time am ashamed at the pervasive culture of institutionalized racism that poisons my hometown of Baltimore, MD.
Growing up white in Remington and then Baltimore Highlands in segregated suburbs of County in the ’60’s and ’70’s meant listening to the ignorant racist assumptions spouted by my relatives and neighbors, calculated to spread fear of African-Americans, that, even as youngster deeply troubled me.
During that time, every social milieu of all classes were tainted by racism, so much so, many people around me simply surrendered to it and either started to believing the lies or quietly ignored them in order to get by.
However, I escaped Maryland for San Francisco, and returned over three decades later, I was hopeful bigotry in Baltimore had somewhat abated
However, social and cultural change passes by the row houses of the city and creeps painfully slow amidst the wooded suburbs of the primarily Caucasian county. Women still rock beehives there for crissakes.
Yet, witnessing how the world after thirty years, I still held out hope that things might have changed. Sadly, that notion was shattered by my father’s behavior, still dripping white privilege, and then rudely driven home by some bigoted stranger on the street sharing a murderously racist joke, even after I told him “to shut the fuck up”, and I realized it was I who had changed, not Baltimore.

The historical context of Greece’s election

The Real Movement

No matter the outcome of Greece’s election circus, the capitalists are losing the war. Can the Left take advantage of this?


Kevin Ovenden has a very interesting post to Counterfire, Dispatches from hope: a primer on the Greek election, in which he places the SYRIZA election campaign in the historical context of a long struggle against the neoliberalist political forces that emerged out of the 1970s depression. The present developments in Greece echo the struggles of the 1980s, says, Ovenden, but while the tune is familiar, the words have changed:

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